Pfeiffer University Campus

Health and Physical Education (PHED)

The Physical Education major, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and North Carolina licensure, is designed to prepare teachers who are qualified to conduct quality physical education programs in K-12 school settings. In addition to coursework physical education majors participate in a number of clinical and field experiences culminating in a full semester of student teaching during the senior year. The teacher education program at Pfeiffer is NCATE and North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) accredited. All courses meet and satisfy competencies and guidelines established by NCDPI. Physical Education majors are encouraged to complete 18 hours of coursework in another licensure area (such as Biology, English, Math, or History).

Basic Physical Education Program

All teacher candidates may participate in Pfeiffer's Basic Physical Education program, which consists of 14 activity courses. These are available for personal enrichment, as well as to fulfill the activity requirements of the General Education curriculum. The activity courses are graded on a “Pass/Not Pass” basis. Physical Education activity courses may not be repeated to fulfill major requirements (except PHED 115).