Office of Counseling Services

Be mentally sound and prepared.

The counseling center is designed to help students with the pressures of college life. All students are in the process of flux and change, and may have situational and/or larger personal issues that they need a little more help in dealing with. Some of the issues that the Office of Counseling Services has helped with are: generalized anxiety, depression, grief, divorce, test anxiety, time management, as well as other emotional issues. There is also a campus wide program called CHAT (Come Have A Talk) where students, whom have volunteered, are willing to talk with other students who may just need someone that is there to listen, suggest resources or provide guidance on how to use the University's personnel.

Schedule an appointment or call for counseling emergencies by using the contact information below.


Director of Counseling Services

Barry A. Keith, LCSW, DCSW
Stokes Student Center Suite 117A
Office: 704-463-3439
Cell Phone: 864-680-7913