Bachelor of Arts in Music

Lead. Direct. Use your musical talent to inspire.

Pfeiffer University prepares vocalists and instrumentalists for careers as musicians in a variety of career paths, including music performance, composition, arts administration, worship music directors, private school teachers and more. Our programs train students for leadership positions through an educational experience that unites the high artistic standards of a professional program with the intellectual rigors and academic breadth of a liberal arts education.

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), Pfeiffer’s music programs are designed to ensure that our music instruction is of the highest standards. Students will develop musical skills and knowledge to complement their talents and inspirations in order that they may continue to mature and succeed as a musician beyond Pfeiffer.

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Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

Pfeiffer’s undergraduate music studies program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at the Misenheimer campus.


The curriculum in music presents students with opportunities to perform with a variety of ensembles such as the Concert Choir, the Concert Band, the Pep Band, the Handbell Choir, and others. The curriculum includes a variety of courses to assist students in developing a strong base in music theory, music history, and musicianship. Students are offered individual instruction in voice, piano, organ, woodwind, brass and percussion. Students may also seek certification in Music Ministry in The United Methodist Church.

Many of the activities of the Music Program are open to students majoring in other areas who wish to perform with either vocal or instrumental groups. Most courses are available to non-majors as long as they have completed the prerequisite requirements.

For students who wish to major in music and with a vocational interest in music, Pfeiffer University offers a liberal arts degree in Music and Worship. While this major focuses on equipping students to work as musicians in churches, many majors choose to continue to graduate school or in careers as performers, composers, music administrators, or private school teachers. Beginning in 2017-18, Pfeiffer will offer a second degree as a liberal arts degree in music. This major is intended for musicians who are not interested in church-affiliated music or who want a more flexible degree that can serve as a first or second major.

During their studies at Pfeiffer, all music majors can expect to be involved in private lessons, ensembles, theatrical productions, concerts, performance tours, program planning, public relations, interdisciplinary projects, and community outreach and service. Prospective students must audition to be accepted into the B.A. in Music and Worship at Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer University also offers a Minor in Music. Students minoring in music can expect to participate in many of the same courses, activities and applied lessons as majors.

Core Courses (49 SH)

Foundational Music Knowledge (21 SH)

  • MUSI 201 Musicianship I
  • MUSI 202 Musicianship II
  • MUSI 203 Music Theory I
  • MUSI 204 Music Theory II
  • MUSI 205 Class Piano I
  • MUSI 206 Class Piano II
  • MUSI 301 Musicianship III
  • MUSI 302 Musicianship IV
  • MUSI 303 Music Theory III
  • MUSI 304 Music Theory IV
  • MUSI 305 Music Literature I
  • MUSI 306 Music Literature II

Supporting Music Knowledge (4 SH)

Students may choose four or more hour of electives from the following list:

  • MUSI 200 World Music
  • MUSI 307 Vocal and Choral Methods
  • MUSI 308 Children and Youth Choir 
  • MUSI 309 Orchestration
  • MUSI 310 Basic Conducting
  • MUSI 311 Music Technology
  • MUSI 399 Top: Music Theater
  • MUSI 410 Instrumental Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
  • MUSI 414 Church Music Administration

Applied Music Concentration (16 SH)

Students will study an instrument of their choice (voice, piano, organ, guitar, percussion, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or otherwise) for 28 SHS. The series of courses listed as MUSI 119 - MUSI 179, designate private music lessons. Lessons may be and will be repeated for credit in order to achieve a concentration.

  • MUSI 118 Voice Lessons 
  • MUSI 128 Piano Lessons 
  • MUSI 138 Organ Lessons 
  • MUSI 148 Woodwind Lessons 
  • MUSI 158 Brass Lessons
  • MUSI 168 Percussion Lessons
  • MUSI 178 String Lessons

Ensembles (8 SH)

  • MUSI 101 Concert Choir
  • MUSI 102 Gospel Choir
  • MUSI 103 Concert Band
  • MUSI 104 Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSI 105 Pep Band
  • MUSI 106 Praise Band
  • MUSI 107 Hand Bell Choir
  • MUSI 108 Guitar Ensemble
  • MUSI 109 Chamber Music

Tuition & Fees

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If you dream of a career as a music worship director, a minister of music or a church choir or music director, study music at Pfeiffer. Prepare for graduate study in music or a career as a performing artist.

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