Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Head this way for a green career

The Environmental Studies major is designed to provide students with necessary experience and preparation for a career in the “green sector,” which ranges from wildlife and game management to environmental policy, law, and advocacy, alternative energy and fuels, forestry, agriculture, and sustainably studies. As the “green sector” is one of the fastest-growing components of the modern job market, the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies major will involve and prepare students with a strong interest in the environmental sectors of society. Students intending to work in the environmental sector immediately following graduation or those bound for professional engagement in the environment, law, green business or industry, wildlife, or public policy are ideal candidates for this major.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

The undergraduate environmental studies degree program, in the division of arts and sciences, is available at our Misenheimer campus.

Environmental Studies Degree Requirements (52 SH)

Core Courses (27 SH)

  • BIOL 211 General Biology I
  • Biol 212 General Biology II
  • BiOL 322 Introduction to Wildlife Biology
  • BIOL 328 Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 502 General Ecology
  • CRIM 202 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • ENSC 201 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • ENSC 503 Environmental Studies Internship

Required Electives (25 SH)

Two sequential semesters of a Foreign Language
Four additional semester hours in Natural Sciences at or above 300 level

Two of the following:

  • COMM 317 Ethics & Morality in Media
  • COMM 355 Diversity Issues in a Global Context
  • BMAL 301 Ethics in Business

Three of the following:

  • CRIM 207 Criminal Justice and Society
  • CRIM 220 Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • PSLC 230 Global Crisis
  • PLSC 310 Foreign Policy
  • PLSC 402 Modern Political Thought

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