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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Protect key resources. Make the world a better place.

This interdisciplinary curriculum — rooted in biology and chemistry and complemented by the study of public policy, ethics, law and business — prepares you for a career in the rapidly growing field of environmental science.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

Pfeiffer’s undergraduate environmental science degree program, in the division of applied sciences, is available at the Misenheimer campus.


Our environmental science program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 71 semester hours (SH).

Degree Requirements for a Major in Environmental Science

Core Courses (47 SH)

  • BIOL 211 General Biology I
  • ENSC 201 Introduction to Environmental
  • BIOL 212 General Biology II Science
  • ENSC 401 Jr. Research I
  • BIOL 328 Conservation Biology
  • ENSC 402 Jr. Research II
  • BIOL 411 Genetics
  • ENSC 501 Sr. Research I
  • BIOL 418 Plant Physiology
  • ENSC 502 General Ecology
  • BIOL 510 Senior Seminar
  • ENSC 505 Environmental Studies Internship
  • BMAL 311 Business Statistics, or
  • MATH 440 Probability and Statistics I
  • CHEM 301 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 302 General Chemistry II

Choose one of the following concentrations.

Environmental Chemistry Track (24 SH)

  • BIOL 414 Cell & Molecular Biology, or
  • CHEM 503 Biochemistry or,
  • BIOL 403 Microbiology
  • CHEM 420 Environmental Chemistry or,
  • CHEM 405 Quantitative Analysis
  • CHEM 403 Organic Chemistry I
  • PHYS 301 General Physics I
  • CHEM 404 Organic Chemistry II
  • PHYS 302 General Physics II

Wildlife Management and Ecology Track (24 SH)

  • BIOL 320 Biological Anthropology
  • BIOL 415 Vertebrate Morphology
  • BIOL 321 Biological Evolution
  • BIOL 322 Intro to Wildlife Biology
  • BIOL XXX Biology/Natural Science Elective 1
  • BIOL XXX Biology/Natural Science Elective 2

Environmental Science and Policy Track (24 SH)

  • BIOL 322 Intro to Wildlife Biology
  • PLSC 405 Public Policy
  • ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • PHIL 307 Environmental Philosophy
  • PLSC 201 American Government, or
  • PLSC 203 World Politics
  • BIOL XXX Biology/Natural Science Elective 1
  • BIOL XXX Biology/Natural Science Elective 2

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

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Do you want to protect natural resources by fighting for corporate regulations, evaluate potential damage to natural areas or work for the government? Would you enjoy a career as a green engineering advisor or a green project consultant? If so, get the foundational education you need to become an environmental scientist.

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