Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership

Exciting career options. Opportunities to build teams, direct projects and alter the trajectory of entire corporations. A business degree affords the chance to make a difference.

Prepare for the challenges that professionals confront in today’s global business environment. Whether your focus is banking, international business, marketing, management or economics, a business degree sets you up to influence your community and the world of business. Additionally, qualify for high quality graduate study such as an MBA program or law school.

Get involved in Phi Beta Lambda (Future Business Leaders of America), the International Business Club and Global Pfeiffer Study internships to gain relevant experience.

Main Campus: Historical Misenheimer

Pfeiffer’s undergraduate business management and leadership (BMAL) degree program, in the division of business, is available at Pfeiffer's Misenheimer campus. 

Business Management and Leadership Curriculum

The BMAL program curriculum requires a minimum investment of 60 semester hours (SH).

Core Courses (51 SH) 

  • ACCT 201  Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 202  Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ACCT 330  Financial Information Analysis
  • BMAL 212  Principles of Finance
  • BMAL 241  Principles of Marketing
  • BMAL 251  Business Law I
  • BMAL 261  Principles of Management
  • BMAL 271  Survey of Leadership
  • BMAL 301  Ethics Issues in Leadership
  • BMAL 311  Business Statistics I
  • BMAL 371  Organizational Behavior
  • BMAL 381  Global Dimensions of Leadership
  • BMAL 411   Business Statistics II
  • BMAL 471   Organizational Change
  • BMAL 491   Business Strategy
  • COMM 345  Business and Prof. Comm
  • ECON 200   Survey of Economics

Areas of Concentration

In addition to the required courses listed above, business majors complete at least one of the following concentrations:

EntrepreneurshipConcentration (9 SH) from:

  • BMAL 361 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Choose 6 SH from the following courses:

  • BMAL 391 Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • BMAL 399 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • BMAL 461 Management of Human Resources

Finance Economics Concentration (9 SH) from:

  • ECON 301 Financial Economics (3 SH) *Required

Choose 6 SH from the following courses:

  • BMAL 421 Money and Banking
  • ECON 331 Public Finance
  • BMAL 332 Corporate Finance

Global Leadership (9 SH) from:

  • BMAL 382 Globalization and Cultural Sensitivity (3 SH) *Required

Choose 6 SH from the following courses:

  • BMAL 352 Government and Business
  • BMAL 481 International Trade and Finance
  • ECON 327G  The U.S. in the Global Economy

Marketing Concentration (15 SH)

  • BMAL 441 Marketing Management (3 SH) *Required

Choose 6 SH from the following courses:

  • BMAL 342 Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • BMAL 343 Sales Development and Management
  • COMM 305 Multimedia Production

Requirements to Minor in Business Management & Leadership

Leadership (For non-business majors only – 18 SH)

  • BMAL 261 Principles of Management
  • BMAL 271 Survey of Leadership
  • BMAL 361 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • BMAL 371 Organizational Behavior
  • BMAL 461 Management of Human Resources
  • BMAL 471 Financial Management

For descriptions of courses, visit the academic catalog.

3/2 Program

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years. Motivated undergraduate students should consider our 3/2 program

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Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


Motivate. Make a difference. Lead the way for positive change.

Exposure to a variety of business disciplines enables you to determine the areas of business you find most interesting, so you find the ideal industry segment and position. Your relationships with faculty and within the business community provide valuable networking opportunities, setting you up for success.

Whether you want to start a company, lead a company or contribute to an existing organization in a leadership position, a business degree is an optimal foundational degree.

Alumni Spotlight

"I am in the position I am today due to the attention I got in smaller classes, the quality of the coaching I experienced on the soccer team, and the community Pfeiffer builds around its students. I learned more, experienced more, and grew up more than I could have at a bigger school.”

Corey Davis '15

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