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From Mexico to Misenheimer and Back

Jazmine SanchezresizedNew Opportunities for Cultural Exchange through Partnership with Universidad Madero

In 2011, Jazmine Sanchez Linares, a bilingual education major at Universidad Madero in Mexico, heard about Pfeiffer University during a trip to Nashville. By spring 2012, she was living on the Misenheimer campus, busy with internships at an after-school program at Albemarle Middle School and volunteering with Sunday School at Marvin Methodist Church, a multicultural congregation in Winston-Salem, through that city's Hispanic Ministry.

Jazmine is the first participant in a new partnership between Pfeiffer University and Universidad Madero, also a Methodist institution, which will provide students and faculty opportunities for cultural exchange. In Jazmine's case, she was able to complete internships required for her degree and participate in classes through the School of Religion.

With a goal to combine education with mission work in Mexico, Jazmine is determined to apply what she has learned through her Pfeiffer experience to help improve both public and religious education for people living in impoverished villages in Mexico.

“In Mexico, due to political pressure people are unable to teach or study the Bible openly,” Jazmine said. “Through participating in classes at Pfeiffer I've learned new ways to share the messages of the gospel, which is so needed.”

Born in California and raised in Puebla, Mexico after her parents' divorce, Jazmine, who holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico, will attend Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas starting next fall to earn a master's degree in Christian Education. Ultimately, she hopes to devote her life to building churches and ministry in places where they don't exist, and, when they are sustainable, move on to do it again elsewhere.

“My time at Pfeiffer, although brief, has been in important step in my journey,” she said. “The opportunity to see firsthand the differences between the American and Mexican education systems as well as the positive effect an active congregation can have on people's lives will remain with me wherever I go.”

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