Pfeiffer University Campus

Mission and Vision

village church missionVision
The Village Church brings together all expressions of Christian congregational life and mission, worship, disciple formation and nurture, community life, evangelism, and incarnational service/mission that happen in and through the interrelated constituencies of Pfeiffer University. It is the community of all persons involved in and touched by these embodiments of church, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends of the University, our extended relationships of family, and the larger community.

Rather than operating as a singular entity among many campus groups and organizations, we seek to unite under the umbrella of The Village Church the many expressions of church in our midst. We are university and church as well as university as church.

Our mission is to be a church in the context of the model church-related university. Within our university context, we help foster the academic, spiritual, physical, emotional and servant leadership development of students, faculty, staff and others. As a Christ-centered community, we participate in spirited worship and in faith-forming Christian education opportunities in a variety of settings and configurations.

With its extensive resources for ministry and training through faculty, staff, student body and alumni and through its physical assets, The Village Church will be a teaching/learning servant congregation for the benefit of other churches, campus ministries, church judicatories (districts, conferences, etc.), and church-related colleges and universities. We are the church both gathered for worship and nurture and scattered for service.

Core Values

  • Everything we do is intended to be a grateful and faithful response to God's gifts to us.
  • Every person has equal and infinite worth.
  • Everything we do embodies the wholeness of the church.
  • Every disciple of Jesus Christ is a minister of the Gospel and part of the ministry of all Christians gifted, called, and responsive in ways reflective of the apostles.
  • Everything we do is created in covenant with the Divine and one another.
  • We value and are open to recognizing moments of synchronicity and, when appropriate, integrating them into our practice of health and holiness.

Within the Wesleyan ethos of the United Methodist tradition, we live our vision, mission, and core values through:

  • Teaching and Learning - We gain experience teaching what we learn about Christian education, mission education and implementation, ministries with people of all ages, worship, liturgical arts, church music, outdoor education/adventure learning, and church administrations.
  • Discipleship - We nurture faith development and express our faith and beliefs in different ways.
  • Social Justice - Working in conjunction with the Francis Center for Servant Leadership, we provide opportunities to educate the Pfeiffer community about issues affecting the local and global communities and discern avenues of service in the church and surrounding area.
  • Mission - We offer a number of opportunities to care for the physical and spiritual needs of the least, last and lost across the globe.
  • Worship - We gather on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. in Henry Pfeiffer Chapel for weekly community chapel services and at other times for vespers and Holy Communion. We experience varieties of worship experiences and styles throughout the week and on special occasions.
  • Community - We submit to Christ-centered accountability, the membership covenant and one another as we foster and celebrate our interdependence and common life.
  • Evangelism - We invite people into relationships, discovering and knowing Jesus Christ and the community of mission.
  • Virtuality - We offer a digital venue for worship, building relationships, and enhancing interconnectedness.

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