Clergy Health Institute Frequently Asked Questions

During the course of the institute, am I required to stay at Lake Junaluska or may I arrange for accommodations at a different hotel or with friends who live nearby?
To participate fully in the Clergy Health Institute, form supportive relationships with participating colleagues and remain as focused as possible on the goals of the workshops without distractions, all registrants will live and learn at the Lake Junaluska's Conference and Retreat Center for the entire length of the institute.

Is my spouse able to join me?
Spouses and other family members are welcome during the "stay-over weekend" that falls in the middle of the institute schedule, specifically, from Friday through Sunday afternoons.  Again, this is so participants may take full advantage of the learning that comes with the institute experience on weekdays and focus on their personal health and fitness needs and goals.

Will my family and congregation/colleagues have an opportunity to learn about the Clergy Health Institute so we may support one another in achieving overall health?
Churches or professional organizations of participants are encouraged to create a support group to assist their colleague or church leader toward a positive outcome. Contact Pfeiffer University for consultation regarding that process.

Will insurance or flex benefits cover the cost of participating in the Clergy Health Institute?
Please contact your health insurance carrier or the SCUMC Conference Benefits office for information about your health plan's policy regarding covering the cost of the Clergy Health Institute.

Do other payment options exist?
Churches may sponsor clergy participation through targeted fundraising efforts; continuing education benefits (for programs 10 days and longer); and scholarship support from groups such as United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men or similar supportive ministries within the church, conference or denomination. For further assistance, contact your clergy services director, appointed liaison or Pfeiffer University.

In addition, it might be possible pay the cost of the program (not including room and board, which totals $1,350) over a 10-month period through Pfeiffer University. This arrangement will include a one-time set-up fee and small finance fee.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Dr. Vinson Sutlive, Program Director, Pfeiffer University, Department of Exercise Science, (704) 463-3324,

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