Selection Process Timeline

            Table 4. Timeline of QEP Selection Process Activities to Date


Activity or Event(s)

Oct. 2007

QEP kick-off presentation by invited speaker, Ross Griffith

Nov. 2007

Initial meeting of QEP Selection Team

Spring Term 2008

First electronic survey of students, faculty and staff designed to elicit ideas for QEP topics

Late Spring 2008

First “awareness” campaign designed for roll-out in the fall, with special emphasis on Homecoming activities

Jul. 2008

Members of the QEP Selection Team meet with Student Development Staff to outline plans for increasing student awareness of the QEP

Aug. 2008

Members of the QEP Selection Team meet with Residential Advisors (RA's) to outline plans for increasing student awareness of the QEP

Sept. 2008

First electronic survey to solicit ideas for the QEP topic is repeated (due to low response rate in the spring)

Sept. 2008

Focus groups with alumni held during Homecoming

Oct. 2008

Focus groups held with faculty, staff and students

Fall 2009

QEP Selection Team changes membership, although all constituencies still represented

Spring 2010

Second electronic survey of preferences for the QEP is conducted, but with only the top 3 ideas from earlier surveys and focus groups

Late spring 2010

Pfeiffer QEP chosen – Engaged Learning and Critical Thinking – as a result of a tie in the second survey voting

Fall 2010

Initial research done on best practices and assessment for the QEP topic

Spring 2011

QEP Implementation Team chosen with all constituency groups and both Pfeiffer campuses represented; a series of “faculty dialog” sessions held to solicit ideas for implementing the now chosen QEP

Summer 2011

Weekly meetings of the QEP Implementation Team with special emphasis on best practices, assessment and the information campaign

Aug. 2011

Full day of the annual Fall Faculty Conference devoted to the QEP, including a workshop conducted by nationally-known expert on critical thinking – Dr. Aaron Thompson

Fall 2011

Presentation of QEP for Undergraduate Honors Colloquium

Falcon's Eye Newspaper Series on the QEP

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