Implementation Process Timeline

Table 7. Timeline of QEP Implementation Process



Activity or Event


Fall 2011

Assessment sub-committee develop rubrics for use in undergraduate pilot courses

Faculty members recruited to explore use of rubrics

Jan. 2012

Information Campaign Scavenger Hunt activities

Train Faculty exploratory group in use of rubrics

Spring 2012


Faculty Exploration

-          Meets monthly for reflection on the process and strategizing with QEP leadership

CAT leaders selected and attend training workshop

Faculty and Student Academic Showcase

-          Exploratory faculty participants present their preliminary reflections on using the draft rubrics in their classes

Faculty members/volunteers recruited for participation in 2012-2013 QEP specific Faculty Learning Community

-          Applications made available through the Office of Academic Affairs

-          Deadline for submission August 1, 2012

Hire QEP Director and appoint QEP committee


Summer 2012

QEP Director and assessment subcommittee review pilot faculty findings and incorporate changes into the rubrics and/or training schedule for 2012-2013

QEP team plans workshop and training for fall faculty conference and training

Aug. 2012

QEP presentation during Fall Faculty Conference


2012-2013 QEP specific Faculty Learning Community selected


Fall 2012

Training of new faculty members in use of rubrics


Pfeiffer CAT leaders offer training for other faculty members selected to score the test.

Provost works with Deans to suggest revisions in the faculty evaluation process to included faculty participation, service, teaching and learning activities related to the QEP (for adoption during the 2013-2014 year)

Apr. 2013

Administer first round of CAT tests

Selected faculty members convene to score test and reflect on the process

-          Establish baseline scores

-          Plan percentage increase for each year


Fall 2013 to Spring 2015

QEP Director and leadership team continue to review participation and performance across the University

Develop faculty training workshops and themes for upcoming year

Faculty participation increases incrementally


Fall 2015 to Spring 2017

QEP expanded to include Charlotte and RTP faculty and students


AY 2016-2017

Report to SACS on the progress of the QEP

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