Pfeiffer University Campus

Pfeiffer University Complaint Policy

Pfeiffer University recognizes the value of information provided by students, employees and others in assessing the Institution's performance. This process is for the purpose of addressing significant violations of the institution's standards, policies and procedures and is not a forum for addressing grievances. Pfeiffer has established grievance procedures for students and employees and expects individuals to attempt to resolve grievance issues through procedures established according to the situation.

The complaint process is noted and should be followed accordingly. In all cases, complaints should first be resolved with the individual or department prior to initiating a formal complaint. Process and procedures are noted below.

Procedures for Filing a Formal Complaint

1. Review the Pfeiffer University Complaint Policy.

2. Look over Pfeiffer University Complaint Procedures.

3. Email the complaint form to the appropriate area:

4. After the formal complaint has been received, each area will have (10) working days from the receipt of the formal written complaint to work with all parties to achieve a solution.

5. If the resolution presented is not agreed to, each area will, within ten (10) working days after receipt of the formal complaint, conduct an investigation of the unresolved complaint.

6. Within twenty (20) working days after receipt of the formal complaint, the appropriate area will inform the individual and all other parties of his/her decision in writing. The following actions may be recommended:

  • Offer a resolution to the complaint.
  • Dismiss the complaint.
  • Take appropriate action.

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