Pfeiffer University Campus

Director of Outdoor Leadership and Recreation

Director of Outdoor Leadership and Recreation
Quinton McKissick

Quinton supervises the Center for Outdoor Leadership and manages the Knapp Health & Fitness Center. He has been lost in the Carolinas for the past 12 years, but hails from the Snowbelt of western Pennsylvania. After graduating from Presbyterian College with a Business Administration and Biology Major, Quinton found himself returning to work at colleges. For the last 8 years he has been an experiential educator using the fields of challenge courses and outdoor activities to provide unique, challenging, and educating opportunities for the college community. Quinton holds a master degree in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Student Development from the University of South Carolina. He continues to stay adept with current trends in the fields of wilderness medicine, white water instruction & rescue, facilitation, and rock climbing through attending certification trainings and conferences.

Favorite Professor in College: It is hard for me to narrow down my favorite professor from college. I enjoyed learning tremendously and had many fabulous professors who cared about their subject matter. Each of them used their fascination with history, biology, religion, and economics to entice me to learn. During my four years at PC, Dr. Bob Hudson served as my advisor and professor for the majority of my biology courses. In my second course with Dr. Hudson, senior level vertebrae zoology, I quickly learned that I was not in high school anymore. While I managed to obtain an 89.9% in the class and still remember a few of the classifications of vertebrae; the greater learning occurred in teaching me to read all of the directions and ask questions. Dr. Peter Hobbie, my New & Old Testament professor, challenged me to think what were my values and how do I view the world. I still treasure many of the late night conversations with Dr. Hobbie at his weekly bible study.

Favorite Memory from College: College provided lots of great memories for me from weekend adventures backpacking in the Pisgah Ranger District with fellow students to serving as a Freshmen Orientation Board member and assisting new students with the transition to college to low key escapes to Greenville, SC for a fabulous meal and a Black Tiger Milkshake from Coffee Underground. All I can say is take advantage of every opportunity that develops while at college…you may never know where it can take you and how much you will cherish that opportunity later in life!


Why should you know Quinton?

- You want to know what is available to do on weekends

- You want to learn how to rock climb, kayak or canoe, backpack, tie a knot, rappel….

- You want to work with organizations on campus and help them learn more about leadership, communication, and the importance of relationship in the development of their team

- I can help you with all of these things and more…just ask and I will see how I can best assist you!


You can find me in the Knapp Center most days, but at other times you can find me on the front lawn in a tree…climbing, teaching, or walking my Alaskan Malamute, Denver.


Quinton's office is in the Knapp Health and Fitness Center. 

You can reach him by email at or by phone at 704-463-3189.

Director of Residence Life

Director of Residence Life
Rebecca McQueen

As the Director of Residence Life, Becca supervises the student leadership and daily operations of the eleven residence halls on Pfeiffer's beautiful campus.  The daughter of a U.S. Marine, Becca was born in Kentucky but has spent a large majority of her life in North Carolina.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Psychology, Becca realized her true passion was working on college campuses and helping students find their own path.  She earned her Master of Arts in College Student Development from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  She has also worked at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC and Elon University in Elon, NC.

Becca is very involved in the North Carolina Housing Officers and serves as the NC representative for the South Eastern Association of Housing Officers.  Becca enjoys Tar Heel athletics, anything related to pop culture, and spending time with her dog Eddie.


Why should you know Becca?

- If you need help resolving any issues with your residence hall space, roommate, or hallmates

- If you are interested in gaining leadership and work experience as a member of the Residence Life staff

- If you just want to talk about your Pfeiffer experience and plans for the future


Becca's office is on the 1st floor of Stokes Student Center. 

You can reach her by email at or by phone at 704-463-3404.

Disabled Student Services

All students requesting reasonable accommodations for special academic needs must:

  1. Provide professional documentation of disabilities to the Director of Academic Services.
  2. Request accommodations in writing and negotiate the accommodations with faculty and staff.
  3. Sign written release statements for the transfer of information to designated parties.

In the event of a student's wishing to file a disability-related grievance, a written description of the complaint should be sent to the Director of Academic Services, the Dean of Student Development, and the Academic Dean of the school in which the student is enrolled will review the grievance. The Director of Academic Services may be reached at (704) 463-1360 ext. 2621.

Wick Sharp Learning Center

The Learning Center serves as the collection point for all documentation of physical handicaps and learning disabilities. Students should submit all relevant documentation to the coordinator of the center and schedule meetings to arrange for all eligible, "reasonable accommodations" provided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Mail Services

All residential students are expected to secure an individual U.S. post office box through the Misenheimer Post Office.

Post Office   

A U.S. post office is located on the west side of the campus, where residential students receive their U.S. mail and packages. For operating hours, please call  (704) 463-7663.  Access to mailboxes and stamp vending machines is available 24 hours a day.  A variety of packaging products and mailing supplies are available for purchase during window hours.


UPS, FedEx, DHL, and similar services make deliveries in the mail room, located in the Administration Building, Room 112, on the basement floor, adjacent to the Business Office. Students will be sent a notification of a received package through their campus email. A valid student identification card and signature are required to receive the package. If the package is not retrieved within 1 week, a slip will be sent to their residence hall room. Any packages not picked up within 30 days will be returned to the sender. Any charges from the return will be placed on the students account for payment. Mail room operating hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri. throughout the academic year.

Office of Student Development

During your Pfeiffer experience, some of your most important learning will happen outside the classroom. The campus division that manages much of life outside the classroom is Student Development. Our mission is:

To provide our students with experiences to live, learn, worship, and serve as they grow into leaders inspired to change the world.

Through programs and services designed to meet a wide range of student needs and interests, the staff focuses on the total growth of persons: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual and vocational. You may find your initial questions answered on individual department links. You may find further information on Student Development and campus services in the student handbook.

Russ Sharples Dr. Russ Sharples, (Pfeiffer ’75), Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students
B.A., History, Pfeiffer College
M.A., History, UNC Greensboro
Ed.D, Higher Education Administration, NC State
Office: Stokes 102
Phone: 704-463-3401
Fax: 704-463-1361
Regina Simmons Regina Simmons, Director, Residence Life
BA, Mass Communication, Campbell University
MBA, Campbell University
Office: Stokes 103A
Phone: 704-463-3404
Fax: 704-463-1361
Jenny Carrick Jenny Carrick, Director of Health Services
B.S., Nursing, UNC Chapel Hill
M.S., Nursing, UNC Charlotte
Adult Nurse Practitioner, UNC Charlotte
Office: Stokes 121
Phone: 704-463-3425
Fax: 704-463-1361
Laura Herrick Laura Herrick, Director, Counseling Services
B.S., Psychology, Trevecca Nazarene University
M.Ed., Counseling and Guidance Services, Clemson University
Office: Stokes 117
Phone: 704-463-3439
Fax: 704-463-1361
Matt Latis Matt Lattis, Director, the Center for Outdoor Leadership
B.A. Individualized Major Program, Adventure Leadership and Development, Indiana University
Office: Stokes 221
Phone: 704-463-3408
Fax: 704-463-1361
Jay Laurens Jay Laurens, (Pfeiffer ’85), Director, Career Development and Internships
B.A., Christian Education, Pfeiffer College
M.A., Special and Correctional Education, Lenoir Rhyne University
Office: Stokes 222
Phone: 704-463-3026
Fax: 704-463-1361
Erik McGinnis Erik McGinnis (Pfeiffer ‘10), Chief of Police, Misenheimer PD
B.S. Criminal Justice, Pfeiffer University
Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission
Office: Misenheimer Police Building
Phone: 704-463-3001
Fax: 704-463-1361
Dana McKim Rev. Dana McKim, (Pfeiffer ‘82), Minister to the University
B.A., Christian Education, Pfeiffer College
M.Div., The Divinity School, Duke University
Office: Stokes 104C
Phone: 704-463-3409
Fax: 704-463-1361
Paula Morris Paula Morris, Director of Student Involvement
B.S., Food Service Management, Berry College
Office: Stokes 104B
Phone: 704-463-3407
Fax: 704-463-1361
Jill Rogers Jill Rogers, Director of Orientation and Assistant Director of Residence Life
B.A., English, Meredith College
M.Ed., Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education, UNC Greensboro
Office: Stokes 103B
Phone: 704-463-3406
Fax: 704-463-1361
Tonya Smith Tonya Smith, Student Development Operations Manager
Office: Stokes 102
Phone: 704-463-3400
Fax: 704-463-1361