ICARE Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign FAQs

Q: I've made a gift since July 1, 2012, does my gift count toward this year's campaign and my department's goal of reaching 100% participation?

A: Yes! Any gift made by faculty and staff members will be included in the campaign. You don't have to make another gift; however, if you want to revisit your payroll deduction amount or make an additional gift, you will help us make additional progress toward the overall $50,000 goal.

Q: What kind of reporting will be done relating to departmental breakdowns?  Will it be participation rates, dollar amounts, or both?  Will the departmental breakdowns be shared campus wide?

A: Only participation rates by department will be shown in the weekly reports that are distributed throughout the Faculty/Staff community. As we have several departments that only house 1-2 employees, we will not disclose departmental dollar amounts given.  In addition, we will share the overall donation progress by participation and amount raised as a university.

Q: If someone wants to make a one-time donation to the Pfeiffer Fund or Restricted Giving, is there a form that can be used so that it counts toward the campaign goal?

A: The payroll deduction form will allow you to make a one-time gift through Item #2 to any of the four giving options discussed in the letter including a restricted fund of your choice or Pfeiffer Fund. All you'll need to do is write in the total dollar amount of your gift, paid as 1 payment, for 1 month and the date for that to occur. Then, check the appropriate box to designate your gift.

If you should prefer to give via cash/check/credit card instead of payroll deduction, that can be done online or via the pledge agreement form sent out in the weekly emails.

Q: I would prefer to give to my department or a specific program, how is that done and does it count toward the goal?

A: Yes to both!  You may designate a specific program within the University to receive your gift using the “Restricted Giving” option on either of the giving forms. All faculty and staff gifts received before September 27, 2012 will count toward your departmental and overall University goal.

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